About Our Company

Businesses of Keivanidis family began in 1975 in the field of wire products as a production unit, covering a stable, growing course of 40 years.

The Company having always in mind the customer service, constantly enriches its range with steel and wire products, offering complete solutions for every need.

Continuing the founding line, the company is constantly progressing in investment to the vertical integration of the produced products, ensuring thereby their quality and their immediate availability, for better and more complete service to its customers.

Our slogan "Aimed At Your Service"

Logistics Facilities- Production Units.

For the best and most immediate execution of orders the company has distribution centers in Athens and Thessaloniki, close to transportation agencies and commercial ports.
It also has a provate fleet of 12 trucks with cranes as well as many partners in the field of transportation, serving very fast orders from all over Greece.

The Company has 2 separate production facilities in Schimatari and in the industrial area of Oreokastro in Thessaloniki which produce almost all products related to wire sector. 

Our production range::
In our facilities in Schimatari produced mesh in sheets and rolls, wires hard and annealled, barbed wire, chain link fence, concertina, wire in rolls of 2 kg, bailing wire, wire in bobbins, straighting wires galvanized, black or ribbed, joint pipes etc. It also haw a division for cutting re bars from coils and a construction department of Sidenet.
In our facilities in Thessaloniki produced mesh in sheets, chain link fence, barbed wire, bailing wire and bobbins, straighting wires galvanized black or ribbed.